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Wrightstown Township is governed by a board of three Supervisors, each of whom is elected for a term of six years by qualified voters of the Township. Under a Pennsylvania Commonwealth law, the responsibility to govern resides in the lowest level of government. At one time, the principal responsibility of the Supervisors was the care of all Township roads and bridges. Now the Board of Supervisors serves both legislative and executive functions. In addition to Township roads, the Board of Supervisors' responsibilities include police and fire protection, the appointment of boards and commissions, enactment and enforcement of Township laws including building, fire and zoning regulations. The Township Treasurer, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, has the responsibility of all Township monies. Day-to-day activities of the Township are carried out by the Township Manager, Code Enforcement Officer, Fire Marshal, Road Department, and the Administrative Staff.

Wrightstown is within the 1st U.S. Congressional District, the 6Th PA Senatorial District, and the 178th PA Assembly District. All Supervisor seats are elected at large.

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