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Village Library

Village Library

Welcome to the official website for Wrightstown Township!

Wrightstown Township is a township of the Second Class of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:

  • Located in Bucks County

  • Land area is 10.16 square miles

  • Currently, there are 20.01 miles of Township roads and 19.26 miles of State highways

  • Township's population is around 3000.

From time to time we will post news bulletins related to important events in Wrightstown, and will provide links to other sites that may be of interest.


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Wrightstown Township Municipal Building 

2203 Second Street Pike

Wrightstown, PA 19840 

Public Works Building

727 Penns Park

 Wrightstown, PA 19840 



Wrightstown Township


Board of Supervisors

In Person 7:30 PM @ Twp Building

Joint Zoning Council

​August 1, 2024- Meeting Canceled

Next Meeting- September 5, 2024

In Person @ Twp Building

Planning Commission

In Person 7:30 PM @ Twp Building

Tech Review Board

In Person 7 PM @ Twp Building

Zoning Hearing Board

Continued to a Future Date TBD:  Public Notice

In Person @ Twp Building

Ordinance Review Committee

In Person @ Twp Building

Historical Commission

In Person @ Twp Building

Octagonal Schoolhouse Open Houses

Hours 1-5 PM

3rd Sundays- May-Oct.

Dates: 5/19, 6/16, 7/21, 8/18, 9/15, 10/20

Park & Recreation Board

In Person 7 PM @ Twp Building



Reminder to curb your dogs while walking in Wrightstown Township. Ord. #325 

Penn State Extension Residential Stormwater Solutions Articles and

Webinar Series

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