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This is your test page to try out new things.

This page is hidden so it can't be seen unless someone knew the exact URL to get to it. So play around with:

  • Add text box

    • Click “+” (Add) > Text

      • Don’t choose “Add Heading 1”

      • Use “Paragraph 1” to use default font, size and color

    • Edit text

      • Different presets

      • Change color

      • Make Bold, Italic, etc.

      • Change font

      • DO NOT change Header and Paragraph 1 presets

    • Add link

      • Web page

      • Web site

      • Phone (show proper format)

      • Email

    • Move text block

  • Add image

    • Click “+” (Add) > My Image Uploads

      • Navigate to Site Files > ‘your folder’

    • Upload images

      • And to what folder

      • Create new folder

    • Add effects

    • Add links

Other things you can do:

Oldest House.jpg
water park
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