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Planning, Code Enforcement & Permits

Wrightstown Township's Planning, Code Enforcement & Permit Department manages permit and zoning applications from new construction to home improvements. Permits are required by Wrightstown for new construction, additions and structural alterations, pools, accessory structures such as sheds and fences, signs, emporary uses and structures, driveways, removal or addition of soil, wood and coal-burning stoves, fireplaces, use and occupancy permits for residents and commerical structures, and alarm systems, along with some less common uses.


In addition, the department also regulates maintenance of on-lot sewage systems, new well digging, Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinances. It is also the administrator for the Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board through the Zoning Officer.


All inspections performed are to insure that buildings and properties throughout Wrightstown are in compliance with the Codes and Ordinances adopted by the Township Board of Supervisors.

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