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Anchor Inn

A place name rather than a village, Anchor takes its name from an old tavern located at the intersection of Durham Road (Route 413) with Second Street Pike (Route 232), the old Philadelphia-New Hope Road. The modern intersection, located a few yards to the north from where the tavern once stood, was the site of the Smith pottery at the beginning of the nineteenth century - When the landmark Anchor Inn, Wrightstown Township, was built around 1724, locals were finally relieved from being awakened at all hours by travelers seeking shelter. It was a favorite meeting spot for county residents. Early 20th century Doylestown mayor Dan Atkinson fondly recalled the Anchor of his childhood as the place to leave the carriage and warm up on cold winter trips to Newtown. The Old Anchor Inn's Wrightstown Township location made it a fine spot for the elections and cattle auctions one held there. But in 1998 the inn was destroyed by fire.

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